Thursday, August 18, 2011

EitB Dev Journal 3: Where we are and where we're headed

I'm going to publish my 5th build of EitB later today as soon as it finishes uploading to dropbox.

There are always competing pressures on release dates.  I always feel that there's more that I can do, and I want the project to be perfect.  At a certain point however, I need to just publish and let the feedback roll in.  That feedback is critical for further improvements.

Particular rough spots that I feel need to be looked at:

  1. Nox Noctis
  2. Invisibility in General
  3. Council of Esus spells
  4. Religions unit pricing and strength
Then of course, there are the usual rough spots that need to be ironed out as we go along:
  1. Interface quirks
  2. Documentation
  3. How does the AI handle it?
There's another point that I need to address in the near future.  How do I describe all the changes that have been made to the mod concisely and in such a way that players are not lost at sea in an ocean of changes?  I think that will be the hardest thing for me.

For now though, I wait with a bit of nervousness to see what people think of it.