Monday, February 15, 2016

Practicing Game Descriptions

I want to practice summarizing games into a tight description. I keep a steam category of "games I am currently playing", so let's see what the first pass looks like.

  1. Big Pharma is a game where the player designs and manages their own pharmaceutical manufacturing company, they must discover new ingredients, research new machines, and then design and build the production lines to produce drugs to meet scenario goals.  Scenarios are varied and include maximum cashflow, advanced drugs, high quality drugs, and getting out of crippling debt.
  2. Child of Light is a synthesis of Metroid style exploration and unlocks and JRPG combat as the player commands a princess on a hero's journey through a fantasy dreamland.
  3. Conflicks - Revolutionary Space Battles places the player in command of alternate history space-fleets of 17th and 18th century European powers as they battle for dominance.  The player builds their forces, maneuver for advantageous position, and seek to destroy the enemy.  There are lots of chickens, and they are both a resource and a faction.
  4. Galactic Civilizations III is a 4x space game.  Players explore the galaxy, design their own ships, participate in a frantic landgrab for planets and resources, and then develop those planets and their empire to win the game through conquest, diplomacy, influence, or technology.
  5. Renowned Explorers: International Society has the player lead a team of 3 explorers across various adventures in a bid to become the most famous explorers after a set number of expeditions.  Encounters are resolved through managing the mood of the encounter with attack, deception, or diplomacy.
  6. Sunless Sea is a game about exploring the vast Unterzee of the Fallen London universe with humor and a lovecraftian twist on Victorian England.  You try to survive as you carry cargo, explore the sea, and find new destinations and stories.  There are monsters which will most likely eat you.
  7. TIS-100 is a programming game where you try to manipulate a many-core simple processor array joined by single-word FIFOs to complete challenges and discover what happened to the machine's previous owner.
  8. Total War: Attila has the player command battles, and manage their towns and territories as they seek to become the predominant power in the post-roman world.